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PROFIUS is a three-year Science and Technology ERA-NET Project unlocking the potential of aquatic bioresources. It is a cooperation between Denmark, Malta, Norway and Iceland working together to address challenges in the supply chain related to lumpfish (roe and carcass) and tuna side-streams by developing preservation solutions for maintaining quality and improving utilization of the entire biomass. The consortium involves different institutes such as:

Technical University of Denmark (DTU), the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), the University of Akureyri (UNAK) working along with industries Royal Greenland (RG), AquaBioTech (ABT), BIOPOL (BP) and the aquaculture industry in Norway and Malta.

The aim of PROFIUS is to address challenges in the supply chain related to lumpfish (roe and carcass) and tuna side-streams by developing preservation solutions for maintaining quality and improving utilization of the entire biomass. Improved preservation methods will be developed to enhance quality and shelf life of lumpfish roe and thereby reduce waste. A major bottleneck for success of further utilization of the side-stream from tuna is their short shelf life. PROFIUS will study the processes responsible for the chemical and microbial deterioration of these side-streams and develop strategies to prevent them. Furthermore, PROFIUS will look into new applications of lumpfish and tuna side-streams including logistics and development of gelatin extraction processes for lumpfish and development of fish feed based on tuna side-streams.

PROFIUS addresses supply system challenges for

  1. Wild caught lumpfish roe and the carcass remaining after the roe has been removed.
  2. Lumpfish used as a cleaner fish in salmon farming
  3. Side-streams obtained after filleting of farmed tuna.

The underutilized biomasses included in PROFIUS and supply chain addressed for further utilization is illustrated in Fig.1.

Project Partners

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

DTU is an independent and self-governing university with a natural and technical sciences research focus. DTU has many different departments and centres, and one of them is the National Food Institute (DTU Food).  

DTU Food researches and communicates sustainable and value-adding solutions in the area of food and health for the benefit of society. The institute´s research tasks are carried out in a unique interdisciplinary collaboration between the disciplines of nutrition, chemistry, toxicology, microbiology, epidemiology and technology.  

The institute contributes with research to solve some of the biggest challenges the world is facing, delivers scientific advice both to national and international public authorities and businesses and educates students in the area of food technology, food safety and nutrition, food microbiology and chemistry. 

In the PROFIUS project, two research groups from DTU Food participate, the research group for Bioactives – Analysis and Application and the research group for Food Microbiology and Hygiene. Scientists from the two research groups have many years of experiences and are internationally renowned in the research areas of lipid oxidation and microbial stability of fish biomasses . In addition, they have been  involved in several projects concerning increased utilization of blue biomasses.  . DTU will in PROFIUS be involved in the oxidative and microbial stability of lumpfish roe and carcasses and tuna side-streams to maintain or even improve the quality of the current biomasses. Furthermore, DTU will be involved in investigating solutions to the logistics challenges with lumpfish carcasses. 



Research Group for Bioactives – Analysis and Application – DTU Food and Research Group for Food Microbiology and Hygiene – DTU Food 
  Project Coordinator Contact Details
Dr. Ann-Dorit Moltke Sørensen [email protected]
  Project Participants Contact Details

Prof. Charlotte Jacobsen

Prof. Paw Dalgaard

Prof. Lisbeth Truelstrup Hansen

Research Assistant, Laura Gracia Plaza

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]


AquaBioTech Group Limited

AquaBioTech Group is an independent aquaculture, fisheries, biotechnology and environmental testing/research, engineering, consulting, development, and training company with its own dedicated research and marine survey facilities.  

AquaBioTech Group undertakes a variety of aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic environmental projects through its regional offices and selected partners throughout the world. The majority of AquaBioTech Group’s work is related to the marine or aquatic environment, encompassing aquaculture developments, market research / intelligence, through to project feasibility assessments, finance acquisition, project management, technology sourcing and technical support and training. AquaBioTech group are specialists in: 

  1. Aquaculture and fisheries consultancy from resource management and market research to policy development, feasibility, and due diligence studies;  
  2. Contracted aquaculture research for feed development, pharmaceutical testing and breeding programmes; 
  3. Design and commissioning of land based and marine aquaculture production systems and technologies.  
Website: www.aquabt.com
  Project Participants  Contact Details

Oriane Georges

Tamas Bardocz

Giovanni M. Cusimano

Jui-Che Chiang

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]



Norwegian University of Science and Technology

NTNU is a university with an international focus, with headquarters in Trondheim and campuses in Ålesund and Gjøvik. 

NTNU has a main profile in science and technology, a variety of programmes of professional study, and great academic breadth that also includes the humanities, social sciences, economics, medicine, health sciences, educational science, architecture, entrepreneurship, art disciplines and artistic activities. 

Website www.ntnu.edu
  Project Participants Contact Details
Dr. Turid Rustad [email protected]


Royal Greenland Seafood A/S

Today Royal Greenland A/S is the world´s largest supplier for coldwater prawns, Greenland halibut and lumpfish roe and the company is a 100% independently limited company owned by the Greenland Government. It operates worldwide, and it has 15 sales and administration offices and 49 production sites placed in Greenland, Canada and Germany. Furthermore, Royal Greenland operates 8 off-shore trawlers and 3 coastal trawlers. In 2019 the turnover for Royal Greenland A/S was 5,527 billion DKK. Industrial Ph.D. Niels Bøknæs and Team leader Dr. Ole Mejlholm will together with Process Developer Pia Nielsen from Royal Greenland Seafood (RGS) Corporate Quality Department do the project coordination and the working RGS part in PROFIUS in this vertical production of lumpfish roe from catch in Greenland to final product of pasteurized lumpfish roe in Cuxhaven in Germany.

Website: www.royalgreenland.com
  Project Participants  Contact Details

Ole Mejlholm

Niels Bøknæs

[email protected]

[email protected]


University of Akureyri

The University of Akureyri (UNAK) is a young and dynamic university, located in Akureyri, Iceland’s second city and capital of the north. The University of Akureyri has been providing higher education since 1987 and offers a wide range of study both on undergraduate and graduate level which is divided into three schools; Health Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Business and Science were the Faculty of Natural Resource Sciences is located. In the Faculty of Natural Resource Sciences, great emphasis is placed on studies and research in connection with sustainable and profitable use of natural resources. With this as a guiding principle, practical business- and science-based studies are offered in three disciplines: biotechnology, fisheries science, and natural resource science. The University has hosted several exchange students especially through Erasmus and other European student exchange programmes. Foreign students will experience a friendly and personalized study environment at the University of Akureyri. 

UNAKs tasks in the PROFIUS project will mainly be related to chemical and microbial characterization of the lumpfish raw material, development of methods for gelatin extraction and exploring market possibilities of products.

Website: https://www.unak.is/english
  Project Participants Contact Details
Hjörleifur Einarsson [email protected]


Sjávarfíftæknisetrið BioPol eh

BioPol is a marine biotechnology company established on Sept. 1st 2007. It is located in Skagaströnd in Northwest Iceland. The goal of the company is to examine the biota of Húnaflói-bay, undertake research in the field of biotechnology and support innovation in the field of marine biotechnology. Moreover, the company intends to undertake the marketing and sale of products and services based on marine resources. The policies of BioPol are being based on four main principals: 

Research on the biology of Húnaflói-bay and the neighbouring continental shelf with the goal of increasing knowledge of its ecology and possibilities for better and innovative utilization of marine resources. 

  • Marketing of marine biotechnological products and services. 
  • Education, at university level, in connection with the above research. 
  • Preservation of marine specimens
Website: https://biopol.is/
  Project Participants Contact Details
Halldór Ólafsson [email protected]