2nd International Meeting on Knowledge and the Blue Economy

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2nd International Meeting on Knowledge and the Blue Economy

InnovAzul is the meeting point for professionals from the Blue Economy sectors to promote innovation, knowledge transfer and the exchange of innovative technological solutions that increase the competitiveness of industry and society. 

Following the participation of AquaBioTech Group from Malta, we had the opportunity to organise B2B meetings, establish strategic alliances and synergies, as well as showcase innovative initiatives, solutions and projects that contribute to the sustainability towards a Blue and Green Economy. 

In doing so, our RDI project coordinator at AquaBioTech Group Ines Boujmil, shared with various stakeholders from different disciplines, including SMEs operating in circular blue economy and valorisation of by-products and fisheries/aquaculture waste to produce resources/energy, together with researchers and the public sector, to create clusters and strengthen our efforts contributing to a transdisciplinary approach.  

To this respect, Ines shared with the blue economy actors the PROFIUS BROCHURE, along with many other RDI projects brochures and information, while drawing the path for a potential collaboration in order to build on our successful results and achievements.