PROFIUS at Aquaculture Europe 2023 Vienna

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PROFIUS at Aquaculture Europe 2023 Vienna

Poster about PROFIUS selected for oral presentation at Aquaculture Europe 2023 

A poster about the work done by AquaBioTech Group, in Malta, as part of PROFIUS, was submitted to Aquaculture Europe 2023, a conference that took place in Vienna (Austria) from September 18th to 22nd. The title of the poster was “Bluefin Tuna, Thunnus thynnus side streams from Maltese farms as potential raw ingredients for aquafeed” and it was submitted to the session dedicated to alternative ingredients for fish feed.  The poster was selected, along with only four other posters, for an oral presentation at the end of the session. The poster included the results of the interviews with the tuna farmers, performed by AquaBioTech Group staff, and the results of the analysis performed on tuna sidestream, collected by AquaBioTech researchers in autumn 2022. The work presented highlighted the logistic challenges related to the utilization of this by-product, but also the opportunities for the utilization of this precious biomass that, if processed withing 72 hours from harvesting, can constitute a source of protein and lipids. 

The poster was presented by the coordinator of the project in Malta, Dr. Simona Paolacci, and it caught the attention of the audience that showed great interest in the work that is being done in Malta to develop the use of this under-exploited resource. 

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